Nursery Charging Policy

At Holy Trinity CE Infant School and Nursery, we offer high quality Early Years provision within our nursery unit. The nursery has 30 places in the Morning and 30 places in the Afternoon catering for children aged 3 to 4 years old.

Parents/carers can access both their Universal 15 hours funding or 30 Hours Extended Entitlement per week for 38 weeks per year during term time. From September 2017 we will have a limited number of places for the Extended 30 Hour Entitlement. Parents wishing to access this Extended funding must meet the criteria and apply on line through the digital childcare service. HMRC is responsible for checking whether a parent is eligible and issuing an eligibility code. Once you receive your 11 digit eligibility code you must bring this along with your National Insurance number to the school office. Parents will be required to sign a parent/school contract stating when and where children are accessing their 15 hours or 30 hours’ free entitlement. Children attending the Nursery for 30 hours will be allocated these hours over 4 and ½ days.


Session times are as follows:




8.45 am-11.45 am

Lunch time

11.45 am-12.15 pm


12.15 am-3.15 pm


Applying for a place in the Nursery

The responsibility for determining the admissions for nursery age children has been delegated to the Governing Body of the School by NYCC. The Governing Body has delegated this responsibility to the Headteacher.

Parents can register a note of interest for their child to attend the Nursery by contacting the School Office.

Being placed on the note of interest list does not guarantee a place in the nursery.

Places will be allocated using the Holy Trinity CE Nursery admission criteria.

The admissions will be ranked according to the Holy Trinity CE Nursery Admissions Criteria listed below and not according to when the application was made. The offer of sessions will be made to meet parental need according to this ranking. Applications for Nursery places can be made at any time during the school year and spaces will be allocated according to the sessions we have available

Once a child has a place allocated, their 15 hours of free early year’s education is theirs until they leave. Children accessing the 30 hours extended entitlement will have to reapply every 3 months when prompted by HMRC to ensure they still meet the criteria, if your circumstances change during a term your child will still be able to attend their allocated 30-hour place until the last day of that term. However, sessions that have been allocated to you, but not used on a regular basis (other than sickness/ family holiday) can be allocated to another child at the discretion of the Governing Body.


Criteria for Admission into Holy Trinity CE Nursery





First priority:


Children and young people in Public Care for whom the school has been expressed as a preference and previously looked after children, that is children who were adopted (or subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been looked after.



This applies to all looked-after children,including those who are in the care of another local authority.

In the case of previously looked after children, a copy of the relevant documentation will be required in support of the application.

Second priority:


Children who are recommended by the Director of Children and Young Peoples Service, including children in the care of a local authority, or by the appropriate designated medical officer.

Note: we will only consider applications in this category if they are supported by a recommendation from a doctor, social worker or other appropriate professional which sets out the particular reason(s) why the school in question is the most suitable school and the difficulties that would be caused if the children had to attend another school.


Third priority:


Children from homes with poor housing conditions or overcrowding, or from a background which could affect the child’s normal educational development.


Note: this should be supported by the recommendation of a doctor, social worker or other appropriate professional.

Fourth priority:


Children within the normal area of the school, giving priority to the oldest children first.


Fifth priority

Children from outside the school’s normal area, giving

priority to those whose home is nearest to school first



Criteria for Admission into the Nursery (F1) Oversubscription;

If more applications are received than can be accommodated the children from each priority category will be considered in turn until all available places have been allocated.

 Note of Interest (waiting) lists;

A note of interest list of applicants will be held in case spaces become available during the year. It will be constructed according to the Holy Trinity CE Nursery Admission Criteria.

Additional Sessions and Charges;

Additional sessions are subject to availability.

Each session of 3 hours will be charged at £18.00. This charge will be reviewed annually.

Parents/Carers can take their entitlement over 2 ½ days or over 5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons. Parent/carers that choose to add lunch time sessions will be charged as follows:

£3.00 per session if bringing a packed lunch or

£4.60 per session including a hot school lunch

Parents/carers may choose to book additional sessions (above the 15 hours’ entitlement) and request paid lunchtime sessions.

Additional sessions and charges will be added to the parent/ school contract.

Additional sessions must be booked Termly and paid for monthly via ParentPay or by cash, cheque, card or childcare vouchers in the School Office.

A half term’s written notice is required should parents wish to cancel additional sessions at Holy Trinity CE Infant School Nursery. We reserve the right to charge half a term’s fees should parents not provide this written notice.

Once additional sessions have been allocated they will continue to be included in the termly session allocations unless:

  1. Parents have given a half term’s written notice to cease the extra sessions.
  2. The child leaves our nursery.
  3. Payment for additional sessions that are not made by the date stated on parent/school contract.
  4. The child has not been attending the additional sessions regularly (whether sessions have been paid for or not).

During periods of high interest/ oversubscription requests for additional sessions will be as follows:

  1. We will allocate the 15 hours of free early year’s education to the new intake in the first instance.
  2. If a child is already in receipt of additional sessions, they will continue to be allocated to them if space remains after the new intake notes of interest for the 15-hour entitlement have been allocated.
  3. Additional Bought Hours for the new intakes will then be considered.


Fee Payment

Additional bought sessions will be charged on the parental contract and payment should be made by Parent Pay by the date stated but at least within 2 weeks of the beginning of term.

Individual payment arrangements in exceptional circumstances can be discussed with the Governors/ Head Teacher/ School Bursar. Please talk to office staff should you think you have exceptional circumstances.


If a child is absent due to sickness refunds or reductions are NOT available for absence. (School costs do not diminish if your child is ill)

In the case of prolonged unexpected absence e.g. serious illness, fees will be refunded at the discretion of the Governing Body.

Fees must be paid for within 2 weeks of the term beginning or additional bought hours will be withdrawn.


Any charging for Early Years Foundation Stage must not be carried out if it has a detrimental effect on other children accessing their free entitlement.


Attendance for nursery aged children has no bearing on admission into Reception.

 A separate admissions form for Reception children will have to be made in line with the local authority co-ordinated admissions scheme. www.north


You can now find a straightforward explanation of all government childcare support on the new childcare choices website: