Annual Governance Statement

School Year September 2015 to July 2016

 In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of Holy Trinity CE Infant School Governing Body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

 Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Holy Trinity CE Infant School was reconstituted in May 2015 and is made up of:

·         Four parent governors

·         One Local Authority governor

·         One staff governor

·         Headteacher

·         Three foundation governors

·         Four co-opted governors

Our governors have a range of skills which contributes to effective governance. We complete an annual skills audit in the autumn term which informs training needs and identifies gaps in the experience and knowledge of the governing body. When vacancies are posted, an interest in finding governors who can fill the gaps is specified in the vacancy notice.

The Governing Body has a programme of meetings throughout the school year, and a committee structure that focuses on specific areas of governance. The full governing body meets twice a term. The first meeting of the governing body each year, in the autumn term, completes the procedural matters for the start of the school year.  The committee structure is:

Resources Committee: This committee combines all resources including finance, staffing and building matters. Meeting half termly dependent on need,  the school bursar presents the budget and monitoring reports. The committee oversees the financial performance of the school, staff appraisal targets and staffing organisation.  If necessary, it also meets on an ad hoc basis when new staffing is required.

School Improvement Committee: The committee meets half termly to discuss the school curriculum, pupil data, and teaching and learning methods.

Liaison Committee: Governors from Holy Trinity Infants get together termly with governors from Holy Trinity Juniors to understand how the two schools are working together.

The Governing Body appoints individual governors to be ‘Link Governors’ for areas of the curriculum and designated governors for SEND, Safeguarding, Christian Ethos, Health Safety and Pupil premium. The Link Governor is a governor appointed by the Governing Body to act as the link or liaison between the Governing Body and a specific subject, curriculum area or aspect of the work of the school.

 Attendance record of governors

A record is kept by the clerk to the governing body, of governors’ attendance at meetings; details of attendance can be found at the start of every set of minutes. The approved minutes are published regularly on the school website under ‘school information’ ‘governors’. Meetings need to be ‘quorate’ to ensure that decisions can be made (Terms of Reference for each committee stipulate the quorum).

The work we have done on our committees and in the governing body meetings

At a strategic level, governors have overseen a number of changes this year. The Governing Body has successfully appointed a new headteacher; overseen the changes in structure of the administrative staff, support staff and classses, as well as recruiting a significant number of new governors.   Governors have appointed a local authority governor, three new parent governors,  and a new co-opted governor as well as planning for the succession of a longstanding chair of governors.

The educational progress of pupils was regularly monitored, including reviewing the impact of the introduction of the principles of Singapore Maths; monitoring the progress of pupils in Early Years so that a greater number achieve a Good Level of Development (GLD); monitoring phonics practice to increase numbers of pupils passing the Phonics Screening; and overseeing the transition in judgement of pupil attainment from levels to new ‘working at expected level’, ‘towards’, ‘at greater depth’ and ‘below’. The Governing Body also requested that the school be externally moderated so that teachers could be secure in their judgements.

Attendance was monitored and the school took action to follow up on pupils with a significantly lower than average attendance.

Analysis of the end of year SATs, phonics and Early Years’ profile was presented in detail in the first governor meeting of the school year including using the Data Dashboard and Raise Online statistics to make comparison with similar North Yorkshire and national schools and this was then followed by regular reports to governors throughout the year at meetings.

The school’s finances were subject to termly discussion using monitoring reports prepared by the bursar. In addition, benchmarking to compare spending with similar schools ensured best value practices are being followed.

The approved minutes are published regularly on the school website under ‘school information’ ‘governors’ and give more detailed information on the work completed in committees and full governing body meetings.

Strategic Planning for the future

The school’s development plan, self-evaluation form and performance management targets always link and relate to the last Ofsted report’s areas for improvement and Local Authority reviews.

 Specific targets for 2016-17 have been identified as:

  •  Improving the tracking of pupil progress and attainment from Nursery to the end of Key Stage 1.
  • Improving outcomes for children at the end of KS1 with a particular focus on reading.
  • Improving provision and practice throughout EYFS.
  • To develop leadership and management focussing on developing middle leaders, SLT and governance.
  • To develop the distinctiveness of Holy Trinity CE Infant School as a Church School.


How to contact your governing body

  • Information about the school’s governing body is available on the governors’ page of the school’s website. Please e-mail the Chair of Governors Helen Little at if you would like to contact the governors.